Do you ever self-praise, do you pat yourself on the back from time to time, do you look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and say - "you're doing brilliantly" or maybe "here's looking at you, kid"?

And then, how does it feel when you do praise yourself for getting through the day/ your week/ your life in a particular way?  Does it feel silly, childish, even faintly ridiculous? In fact, self-praise can feel self-indulgent, selfish and self-aggrandising. So why do it?

There are excellent reasons to self-praise, here are a few:

  • it means you are more likely to actually like yourself, and the more attractive you become to others and new opportunities
  • and the less needy you become, the less you need to rely emotionally on others and the less likely you are to give your power away
  • it helps you become self-reflective, and this is a skill you need for growth and development
  • it also helps point you in the right direction for control of the ego mind
  • helps you become a leader in your own life, taking responsibility for your whole self
  • and best of all, it's really nourishing for your spirit and soul!

So what could you praise yourself for NOW?

Think of at least 6 things you've done well since the "lockdown" or "pause" as I prefer to call it.

For me it is: buying daffs for new neighbours by way of introduction (very gratefully received by two who are new to the street); contacting elderly neighbours; deeper spring cleaning than the kitchen is used to; major effort to do new recipes for the family and digging out the selfie above, taken when I was at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury last year, which reminds me of the glories of meditating in nature.

Enjoy totting up yours!