“Fiona's readings are highly unusual in their unfolding ... an open heart allows the colours and images to work their own magic long after the session has faded. Highly recommended."

Davina McKail, Hay House author, Shamanic Seer, Feng Shui expert.

Looking for guidance?

Perhaps a desire to meet a new partner, move jobs or homes, business concerns, relationship issues…

or to ask heartfelt questions about your soul gifts and spiritual journey in this lifetime…

Fiona Radman
Choose the colours that resonate and allow the spiritual psychology of colour to shine a light on what is coming up for you and where you need to go. The energy of numerology synchronises with Colour Mirrors, so if the reading is online you will be invited to intuitively pick from a sequence of numbers.
Allow Fiona to guide you back to confidence, balance and flow. You will feel clearer, more supported and confident about your life and your decisions.


Price £115 for 60 mins, £65 for 30 mins: all readings include guidance from colour and the Colour Mirrors' bottles!
(Please also use the Drop Down Menu below 'Choose your session' to pay for Courses & Workshops)

Options for readings are:

- Dynamic reading based on your choice of bottles

- Past, Present & Future

- Where you are now, where you would like to be, how to get there

- Opening to Love

- Bring your questions

Please choose from the menu below, Fiona will reply to your booking by email with available dates and times.

Soul Colours: Lifepath & Purpose based on Name and Date of Birth: your Soul Colours are set - this is a longer reading as they help reveal your Life Challenge, your Lifepath and Purpose ana Fiona will write a report for your visit. Appoinments are 90 mins, and cost £200. Please email for further information.

FAQs are below. For any questions, please contact me by email: CLICK HERE.


Spiritual guidance and mentoring go hand in hand, so a consultation might include

Practical information on resources that will help, tools to help make an immediate shift, new ways to go forward…

Clients are frequently inspired by the use of the Colour Mirror bottles to make changes, using the energetic support and the guidance the colours bring and become clearer on their next step and vision for their lives. 

I had a session with Fiona about a year ago, which was very profound, emotional and beautiful.

I loved how the messages and visuals truly related to my life. I kept listening to the recorded session many times afterwards to understand more. As time passed, the messages became more relevant.

After a year or so, I decided to go back to the recording and listen to it again.

This time around the messages were more powerful than ever, it all made complete sense and gave me many tools to take my power back, see where and how I may have been neglecting myself and my purpose. I instantly understood what to do and how to realign again with what I am meant to be doing. So powerful. These recordings keep giving long after the initial session, that's the beauty of a channelled message, they're timeless. I very much recommend embarking on this journey with Fiona.

Martina Helin, Intuitive energy healer

Fiona’s readings are highly unusual in their unfolding. They do not come as obvious guidance but as profound images that don’t always make sense in the moment. Nor do they need to. Approaching the session with clear intent and an open heart allows the images to work their own magic long after the session has faded. I have found they have unfolded with deep meaning in my dreams, in events of my life and in interactions with others. The images take on a life force of their own within you and act as an internal compass that knows, better than your conscious mind, what needs to unfold in your life to guide you best. Highly recommended. 

Davina MacKail, Hay House Author, Shamanic Seer, Spiritual Mentor & Educator, Healthy Home & Business Expert, Master Kambo Practitioner


Readings with Fiona are always really helpful and provide more clarity to questions and reservations I have about myself and my life path. I trust Fiona's insights and suggestions and they point me towards new positive changes in my life. Each reading has been quite different as my circumstances and own journey have developed. Wonderful!

Karen Webb, Fitness Expert. www.fit2relax.london

“Questions and Answers"

How is the appointment made?

By email correspondence, using the email address you use for PayPal payment. Or email me on address above for any specific questions.

Will Fiona record the session for me?

Yes, Fiona will record the session and email it to you as an mp3.

Should I prepare for the session?

It’s helpful energetically to hold an intention for an appointment.

What is the difference between the length of time of sessions?

The shorter sessions have time for one or two questions as well as images and guidance to come through, the longer ones allow for much deeper and thorough guidance.

Does PayPal take debit and credit cards?

Yes, payment can be made through your PayPal account, or if you don’t have one, PayPal will also allow debit and credit cards to be used.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, if you change your mind, let Fiona know with 48 hours notice for a full refund.

You can also postpone an appointment.

Is the session the same online as in-person?

Yes, the reading is energetically the same whether in-person or online.

Should I do any follow up?

You don’t have to do anything, as you have free will. But obviously you may wish to follow the guidance on what changes would be the most helpful. You can also benefit by meditating with the symbolic images that come through, allowing them to continue to unfold and guide your life.


Please note that readings are for entertainment purposes only and not intended to replace any regular therapy or other programmes.

“Fiona is so warm and naturally intuitive. I found my session with her to be so helpful and enlightening - it was a wake up call to action and to make some long overdue changes. Thank you Fiona for your insight and advice."

Liz Afolabi, London