Fork in the Road

June 15, 2020By adminBlog Post

It’s an interesting question isn’t it, when we come to a fork in the road, how do you decide which path to take? Do you follow your heart or your mind? Do you trust your gut instinct, your intuition, your logic, or do you check in with others and follow their advice? Or a bit … Read More

How to balance, ground, survive and thrive

June 10, 2020By adminBlog Post

Right now we can be knocked for six by what’s going on globally, plus the endless news, the emotional winds whirling around us, the rumours – what’s true and what’s not. If ever we need to be discerning on how we live, what we take in and what we don’t, how we eat and drink … Read More

Self Praise

June 2, 2020By adminBlog Post

Do you ever self-praise, do you pat yourself on the back from time to time, do you look at yourself in the mirror sometimes and say – “you’re doing brilliantly” or maybe “here’s looking at you, kid”? And then, how does it feel when you do praise yourself for getting through the day/ your week/ … Read More

Conscious Choices

June 2, 2020By adminBlog Post

How do you know which choice to make, in any situation at all, big or small? I know that as we increase our experiences with age, obviously we improve our level of choice, nevertheless, I continue to meet people who still make choices that do not serve them, even with loads of life experience. One … Read More