“Fiona Radman is a truly gifted, heart-centred intuitive who loves to inspire and empower people!"

Sonia Choquette, Hay House author, international speaker & teacher.

Following her degree in knitted and printed textile design, Fiona worked in the textile industry for over 35 years – as lecturer, freelance designer, marketing and sales, and company director. Her career was spent mainly in the UK but also in Australia and Japan.

In the 1990’s she was looking for new answers to tough challenges, and found these in spiritual and self-help books. So began a 25 year odyssey that resulted in the development of her own hidden gifts and evolved into her current work as an intuitive, teacher, author and colour therapist. Clients and students get clear on how they can make changes in practical as well as spiritual ways, that lead to an improved lifestyle, increased happiness, reduced stress and onto their soul path.

Following her qualifications in the corporate world, once she had woken to the possibility of a different and more rewarding way of life, Fiona trained extensively in intuitive work with global teacher, Sonia Choquette, and also extensively in colour therapy with the Colour Mirrors system from South Africa, founded by Melissie Jolly.

Fiona also trained in other modalities including public speaking, coaching, Louise Hay certifications and NLP.

Settled in London, she is married with one daughter.

A true consultation gives guidance, clarity, support, inspiration and practical advice, it is life affirming and gives confidence about the next step.

“Out of the box” approaches can be a transformational way to see life challenges, a different way to making the best possible decisions for now. Of course, you can ask about any area of your life – work, love, money, relationships, your future – you choose. With Fiona, metaphoric colour images intuitively come through and as well as clairaudient guidance, Fiona will also support you with information, ideas and teachings that will help you achieve your goals, get clearer, reduce stress and find your way in life and business. A consultation provides guidance and information, however of course you have freewill whether to follow or not.


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