How do you know which choice to make, in any situation at all, big or small? I know that as we increase our experiences with age, obviously we improve our level of choice, nevertheless, I continue to meet people who still make choices that do not serve them, even with loads of life experience.

One of the simple things it's so easy to forget is, am I making this choice from my head or my heart? Does logic alone serve me, or should I listen to my intuition? Am I choosing from habit, rote or do I really really want to make that choice? Was it conscious or unconscious?

So here are a few tools for making conscious choices that you may find useful:

  • feeling into your physical body, how are you feeling about xyz; do you feel a heaviness or a lightness? How does your gut feel about it? (is it gut-wrenching, does it get you in the gut?)
  • or putting your hands on your heart and asking for guidance on these choices, how do I feel in my heart's wisdom about this choice versus that choice?
  • or trusting that instantaneous YES or NO that your intuition will send you the second you need to make a choice and not ignoring it. Did you get a buzz, a voice, a knowing, goosebumps?

Here's another tool for your toolkit.

Asking for confirmation of a choice, and then keeping you eyes and ears open for what turns up - this is a fun way!

Often before I write a newsletter I'll ask in meditation for ideas. A few days ago my guidance about this newsletter was to talk about "consciousness". That felt like way too big a subject, and my intuitive feeling was to write something related to it, like the choices we make, are they made consciously or by rote? So I asked, should I write about consciousness or choices?
And waited to see what turned up.

I received three lots of guidance.

1. A video by Caroline Myss.

A newsletter from international author and teacher Caroline Myss arrived with a video she had made about Fate versus Destiny, and that the personal power we each possess is clearly expressed in our choices.... here is the video if you are interested in hearing what she has to say.

2. A Healing.

Given yesterday by author & life alchemist Dr Anne Whitehouse (ex PhD Metals scientist - really interesting story I should probably share sometime).
She had chosen bottle No 28 from her "Colour Mirrors" range which has a yellow top half over a pale turquoise base. The interpretation of this is again about bringing our attention to concious choices - are we choosing the negative sides of these colours - the yellow of worry, logic, endless analysis & control together with the turquoise of frozen shock. Versus the conscious side of the colours, using the yellow of joy and confidence to surrender control to the turquoise flow of creative thinking.

3. A book.

Sometimes I will pick up a book and just open it randomly to receive the synchronistic message or guidance from it.
Today I randomly opened "Body Thrive - Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga" by Cate Stillman.
The page I opened started with "when you notice stress, choose ease ..... you live in either reaction or reception." So here it was for the third time - choices. So now I was clear on the subject for this newsletter.

You might be interested to hear that one of Cate Stillman's solutions is to remind us to be absolutely present in the moment, "receive the gift of breath. Receive the earth beneath you. Receive the heavens above. Receive a drink of water. Orient your senses to receive. Look for beauty. Listen for wisdom."

At the end of the day we do have the profound power of choice, and the more intuitively you can allow these choices to be made, the less you need to think about it, knowing already that the outcome will be beneficial. Are you in your head or your heart, is your intuition off or on?

What choices have you made this week that were conscious and which were not? I think my conscious choices this week have been excellent around taking exercise, whether yoga, walking or cycling, and my unconscious choices have been around too much time on my pc, going to bed later than my body wants to and a second glass of Chablis last night - just too much! Hmm, now I too could be more conscious in my choices ...

Anyway, wishing you all a great weekend, full of great choices.