It's an interesting question isn't it, when we come to a fork in the road, how do you decide which path to take? Do you follow your heart or your mind? Do you trust your gut instinct, your intuition, your logic, or do you check in with others and follow their advice? Or a bit of everything?

For the last two weeks the phrase "fork in the road" kept coming up, in the news, in my thoughts, in meditation and it came up yet again this morning. This photo is one I took last weekend on the North Downs close to Box Hill in Surrey. We enjoyed a picnic overlooking Dorking in glorious sunshine.  Never mind how many forks in the path there were, we were in our hearts all day - fresh air and sunshine - ahhh!

But this year is just so big, it feels so major in its ramifications, and my deepest sense is that we are all faced with this question now - how will we know which path to take? How do we know what is true and what is fake news? How do we choose what's right for ourselves and our families now? This applies to all decisions, however large or small.

There is a profound sense of the future being more about inclusivity, community, collaborative cooperation, kindness, creativity - a global village which is about "we" not "me". Where the heart is in charge, backed up by the logical analytical brain. Not vice versa.

Wondering if we should emigrate to New Zealand while Jacinda Ardern is in charge?!

So - are you going to trust your heart or your brain with your decision-making? Of course, we all use our experience to inform our decision-making, but at the end of the day, what is the fundamental reason for your taking this path, and not that path?

The main issue here, in my experience, is that intuitive flashes are just that, flashes. Often so fast that the logical mind kicks in and takes over before you can say Jack Robinson. However, listening for that fast and subtle "yes!" or "no!" is important, because although its guidance may be a bit strange or illogical or even scary sometimes, your intuitive voice is always guided from your heart, and has a wonderful way of working out in the end.

I guess one way to express this is - are you coming from fear or faith in your decision-making?

What can be helpful is putting your hand on your heart, pausing, breathing and asking for guidance. Check in, what does your heart say? Your life will run more smoothly, easily and surprisingly when you follow your heart's intuitive advice.