Connect with your inner guides

Connect to your inner spirit guides.

This 7 day introductory course is designed to help you connect to your inner spirit guides.

Guidance comes through your sixth sense, and when you learn to deepen your intuitive skills,
life opens up in meaningful and surprising ways. In comes more specific guidance, advice and creative solutions, and you can start accessing answers to your life questions and challenges.

The benefits of building these connections are:

life is easier with less stress
you get more information so you can make better decisions
you are supported, you have company - it’s good not to be alone
advice is sometimes very down-to-earth - “go to bed early!”
the connection is heart-based, so you become more open-hearted
you receive more ideas and inspirations, you become more open-minded
you become more authentically “you”
guides can amuse you and make you laugh!
nudges you into following your joy so you shift towards your true soul purpose
your feeling for subtle energy improves and a major bonus of building these connections is that you can move onto the next level of awareness where life is just more interesting, more surprising and more fun!!

This 7 day course costs £7.00

A true consultation gives guidance, clarity, support, inspiration and practical advice, it is life affirming and gives confidence about the next step.

“Out of the box” approaches can be a transformational way to see life challenges, a different way to making the best possible decisions for now. Of course, you can ask about any area of your life – work, love, money, relationships, your future – you choose. With Fiona, metaphoric colour images intuitively come through and as well as clairaudient guidance, Fiona will also support you with information, ideas and teachings that will help you achieve your goals, get clearer, reduce stress and find your way in life and business. A consultation provides guidance and information, however of course you have freewill whether to follow or not.


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