Light is a dynamic energy in our world and colour is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that runs from radio waves through visible light and colour to x-rays. Your imagination is a powerful ally and the TOOL here is to use your imagination to visualize a colour for support, healing, guidance or fun!

As a gift, I have designed a FREE COLOUR CHART you can use for general guidance on choosing colours to wear as clothes or jewellery, have around you, use at work or however you wish. The Chart gives the main psychology of the major colours and is aimed to inspire you to vary and change your use of colour as a supportive tool. 

The free MEDITATION below is also aimed at connecting you to the guidance of your Higher Self, and bringing in colours that will support, balance, de-stress and enhance your life.

Enjoy the power of colour!

During a consultation, “out of the box” approaches can be a transformational way to see life challenges, a different way to making the best possible decisions for now. Ask about any area of your life – work, love, money, relationships, your future – you choose. Fiona uses a dynamic system called "Colour Mirrors" that provides insights through the psychology of colour, and also has therapeutic potential that can help you achieve your goals, get clearer, reduce stress and find your way in life and business. In particular, a consultation can provide guidance on what is blocking your way, what actions you can now take and which tools and techniques will be the most useful to you.


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