Charis Chung

“Fiona’s reading is truly amazing. It’s very interesting to hear how she gather different pieces of information together and gradually getting the underlying big messages. Her reading resonates with my soul and just comes in at the right moment of my life to give me the direction, encouragement and strength that I need to continue … Read More

Runa Begum Therapies

“What a beautiful session. Fiona took me on a delightful journey of metaphors and images on aspects that are currently very present in my life, bringing a creative awareness and aliveness to them. This helped me to affirm where I am and to move confidently towards my next cycle. A unique experience. Highly recommended..” Runa … Read More

Ling Helsinki Finland

“I had a very “connected” consult with Fiona over Skype. I had sessions with others before and being a very sensitive person I can feel whenever I can’t connect well with the person. During the time, I could almost feel her presence in front of me. She is very dedicated and yet very professional in … Read More

Denise G Cheshire

“I would like to say that I would recommend Fiona Radman to everyone, my session was absolutely amazing, it felt like Fiona had been with me on my journey throughout my entire life and then even managed to give real constructive advice on how to enjoy every single second of my future along with the … Read More

Catherine London

“Something happened yesterday, which had appeared in one of the sessions, and it is a completely unmistakable validation that I am moving in the right direction with my life and my career. At the time I knew that this work with Fiona was a wonderful experience, but as time has unpeeled the layers of the … Read More


“Sessions with Fiona have proven to be so, so powerful, even a year on. The depths of these images are almost revealed on a daily basis. I felt that anything asked or that came up would not be judged, just illuminated.”

Linda Finland

“I really enjoyed Fiona’s session. She has a unique and lively way of revealing her visions for me. Afterwards I now feel more calm and peaceful about my life.” Linda, Finland

Petra Germany

“had a consultation with Fiona which was quite amazing. She worked with some pictures which she explained to me during the reading and her skills are just stunning. The session ended with a summary that provided practical advice for everyday life. Thank you for an excellent job!” Petra, Germany