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  • "How to improve your life using intuitive & psychic skills"

    Birds have sonar, bats have radar, humans have sixth sense / intuition. Tap more into this gift at this workshop and be profoundly guided!

    Online course: 5 x Tuesday evenings - Sept 26th, Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th 2023.   

    Time: 7 - 9pm on Zoom

    Ticket: £225, book with me directly by email -

    Living intuitively - developing your intuitive and psychic skills - is a brilliant and natural way of life that really helps to reduce stress, improve relationships & health, and increase abundance. This all accelerates as you come to sense energy more deeply, and through this, make better decisions & also have more fun.

    You'll be experiencing the supportive energy and light frequencies of colour using the Colour Mirrors system.

    You'll be benefitting from Meditations, Exercises, Practices, Sensing Energy and working with like-minded people 🙂


     Developing your intuitive senses definitely reduces stress 

    Discovering what BLOCKS your intuitive channel is important

    Understanding ego 

    Tuning up your psychic skills

    Clearing Third Eye imbalances

    Connecting to your Soul’s guidance

    You’ll also benefit from:


    Bringing in your “I Am presence” with AA Metatron

    Working with the energy of the Colour Mirrors light system

    Clearing unsupportive energies

    Anchoring, grounding and raising your vibration

    Clarifying what is in your way

    Enjoying the journey!


    Payment plans available. All payments and enquiries, please email me on

    “Fiona is a very warm-hearted and gifted lady who shares how to get in touch with your intuition. She teaches with humour, kindness and generosity of spirit and I am recognizing much more how to listen to my soul rather than my ego. Thank you for a fun and informative course and for giving us some very valuable tools”.

    Sophie, London

    “Out of the box” approaches can be a transformational way to see life challenges, a different way to making the best possible decisions for now. Of course, you can ask about any area of your life – work, love, money, relationships, your future – you choose. With Fiona, metaphoric colour images intuitively come through and as well as clairaudient guidance, Fiona will also support you with information, ideas and teachings that will help you achieve your goals, get clearer, reduce stress and find your way in life and business. A consultation provides guidance and information, however of course you have freewill whether to follow or not.


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