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Be Vibrant!

How to Dramatically Reduce Stress and Improve your Health through a simple yet profound 3 Step Process

Jumpstart a new, vibrant, stress-free you with this 5 day programme called the “Treasure Hunt!”

Be lovingly guided to step into a new and vibrant you – find your treasure, your gifts, your personal “Sat Nav” guidance. Have an adventure on your journey toward wholeness, balance and great health.

Benefits to you:


  • reduced stress, improved health and better balance!
  • to really get clear that you hold the power in your life
  • more alive to the intuitive guidance inside you, your personal “Sat Nav”
  • learn to improve your intuitive abilities
  • to understand that you are a precious energetic being through your mind/body connection
  • how to build a loving relationship with your body
  • to get clear that healing is an act of profound self-love with huge value
  • able to give yourself permission to do this work
  • powerful tools you can use as often as you need
  • to know that you hold the magical ability to transmute what doesn’t serve you into what does as you change your thinking
  • to see the difference between retrieving a gold coin and the whole treasure chest!
  • to know that all such journeys bring additional gifts to you
  • confidence that you are fully able to make a shift
  • that you can enjoy the journey and then get to celebrate!



“Fiona Radman is a wonderful practical guide and down-to-earth teacher here to help women connect with their intuition, let go of their stresses and create a joyful life right here and right now with this programme.” – Rebecca Campbell, Hay House author of Light Is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise.

This 5 day programme includes:

The Treasure Hunt – a powerful 3 Step process which uses specific exercises at each stage

  • clear visuals to easily illustrate the steps
  • teachings to increase your knowledge and understanding of the mind/body connection
  • my personal story to illustrate the journey and show the success of the process
  • valuable tools to support and inspire you on the way
  • some fun exercises to practice growing your intuitive muscles
  • 3 guided meditations to deepen, assist and support the process
  • lots of encouragement!

This programme can be re-run indefinitely, so that you always have a resource for changing, healing and becoming ever more vibrant!

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