Intuitive consultations

A true consultation gives guidance, clarity, support, inspiration and practical advice, it is life affirming and gives confidence about the next step.

“Out of the box” approaches can be a transformational way to see life challenges, a different way to making the best possible decisions for now. Of course, you can ask about any area of your life – work, love, money, relationships, your future … you choose.

With Fiona, metaphoric colour images intuitively come through and as well as clairaudient guidance, Fiona will also support you with information or teachings that will help you achieve your goals, get clearer, reduce stress and find your way in life and business. A consultation provides guidance and information, however of course you have freewill whether to follow or not.

Of course, the “stories” are completely different for everyone and as well as helping you understand your life and see a way through your challenges, a consultation can help with balancing your energy and healing emotional wounds. The metaphoric images help you remember the information through being visual – pictures are easier to remember than words.

The session can also be intriguing, thought-provoking and funny!

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60 minute reading £95, by Skype, phone or in person by arrangement, mp3 recording will be made and sent to you afterwards.

30 minute reading £50, by Skype or phone, mp3 recording will be made and sent to you afterwards.

15 minute reading £25, by Skype or phone, mp3 recording will be made and sent to you afterwards.

“I would like to say that I would recommend Fiona Radman to everyone, my session was absolutely amazing, it felt like Fiona had been with me on my journey throughout my entire life and then even managed to give real constructive advice on how to enjoy every single second of my future along with the tools to do it.

I cannot thank you enough Fiona, I feel privileged and blessed to have met you personally, your light shines very brightly.

Thank you so much, I wish you all the very best in everything you do and hope that you can give guidance to as many people as is physically possible because it is a life changing experience that everyone should have the opportunity to receive.”

Denise G, Cheshire

“I had a very “connected” consult with Fiona over Skype. I had sesssions with others before and being a very sensitive person I can feel whenever I can’t connect well with the person. During the time, I could almost feel her presence in front of me. She is very dedicated and yet very professional in giving guidance… I like the way she’s directed the session as opening up a sacred space and in doing so, I am also guided to focus on my higher self, connecting with my heart. I got the messages during the reading on what my heart wants for the journey ahead. They are very specific affirmations that are surrounding my life now… Thank you Fiona, you are very gifted in this.”

Ling, Helsinki, Finland

“Thank you for the amazing consultation you have conducted for me recently. The beautiful images you described will stay with me for a long time. I couldn’t believe how well the images matched with my recent life experiences! Mind-blowing! It was very empowering. After the session I felt I had a clear direction and that I could achieve anything. Your reading was very clear and your sincere guidance and humour was very uplifting. Thank you for the great practical tips! The session has confirmed that I am moving in the right direction, which has given me a lot of confidence in taking further actions towards creating an exceptional life for myself and therefore all the people around me.
I feel you are very passionate about helping people move forward in their lives by accessing their genius.
If any of you are not sure where you are heading in life and need a clear direction, I highly recommend Fiona’s work. It was a truly empowering and uplifting experience!”

Kristina, London UK

“I was very impressed by Fiona’s ability to provide a genuine framework for analysis and introspection during her consultation. She is very skilled at creating a safe environment which encourages her client to let go of the ego and open up to their higher self. She provides guidelines that will be of permanent use to allow each person to communicate with their soul making the session more powerful. She is very passionate about her field and very humbled by the work of the many teachers who have inspired her such as Louise Hay and Sonia Choquette. She shares her profound knowledge with grace and excitement making the session very inspirational. I left the session feeling relaxed, awake and empowered. Thank you Fiona.”

Yal, London.

Please note that sessions are for entertainment purposes only.

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