Next one day workshop “The Power of Intuitive You!”

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You are a powerful creative intuitive soul and you have an amazing heart-based Spirit that loves and supports you always.

Your Spirit speaks to you through your Intuition, guiding you every day lovingly and consistently waiting for you to hear its guidance.

When you truly tune into this expansive vibration and know how to turn away from the contracted vibration of ego mind, you will be lead away from stress and worry and towards being in flow – learning, experiencing and finally trusting for yourself that this intuitive guidance enables you to surf the challenges with greater ease, always has your best interests at heart so you are happier, clearer and more focused in your life, and over time leads you to a profound sense of self.

Certainly it is a radical way of living life from the inside out – towards what you do want and away from what you don’t.

Free refreshments on the day!

2017 Evening course: Intuitive You!

Written TESTIMONIALS from students who attended – “THE POWER OF INTUITIVE YOU!” in 2017

“Fiona is a very warm-hearted and gifted lady who shares how to get in touch with and listen to your spirit & intuition.  She teaches with humour, kindness and generosity of spirit and I am recognizing more and more how to listen to my spirit rather than my ego. Thank you for a fun and informative course and for giving us some very valuable tools”.  Sophie, London

“I had the pleasure of spending the day with Fiona Radman for her course on Intuition.
Fiona made the day informative, interesting and fun!
Fiona gave us exercises to do to connect with our inner eye and advised on ways to facilitate our intuitive senses.
She also showed us how to use our creative essence to open path ways for the intuitive awareness to be present.
Thank you Fiona for a most stimulating day!!”
Tracy Lawson-May



Benefits of deepening your intuitive powers:

Helps with better decision-making, you are more present and open to opportunities, more aware of intuitive “hits” which guide you, more in control, less ego and more heart expansion, less “monkey mind” and more peace, more confidence in your own path and direction, more relaxed and noticing the humour of synchronicities, and the surprises that turn up unexpectedly (which they do!)

Over time a deeper connection to your intuition helps move you from anxiety to confidence, from stress to calm, from lack of clarity or direction to creativity and inspired action – with the ability to create a life for yourself that works, that feels authentic to you and brings you the rewards you wish to have and joy in the process.

Workshop and Course Information:

Attending a workshop or course is a really practical way of learning more about your intuition, getting some new tools to use in your everyday life, and meeting like-minded people.

This work will help you with:

  • how to grow your intuitive skills
  • how to allow your creativity to shine through
  • how to reduce mind chatter, and most importantly
  • how to be more aligned with your heart and spirit

And we will be looking at:

  • creating space to listen to your intuition
  • how to rewire your brain into positive habits
  • what is your level of vibrational energy
  • how you can improve this to be more in tune with your intuition

We will be doing exercises, meditations, visualisations and other processes to help you.

Truly following your intuition is a journey of courage, fun, surprises, wonder, laughter and awe. It is a powerful way to be guided, grounded and confident. It nudges you towards your soul purpose, your authentic self and altogether an easier, calmer way of being in the world.

Look forward to seeing you at the next one!