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Fiona Radman

Fiona Radman

Many people talk about what they want and never take the steps to get there.
There are many different reasons: limiting beliefs, not believing it’s possible, lack of emotional, mental and spiritual skills, not being able to set priorities and manage activities, and procrastination.

Heal Your Life ® Coaching and the workshops and study groups can help you overcome all of these blocks.

Benefits of Coaching

As a Heal Your Life Coach I promote the development of inner skills like meditation, visualization, and affirmations, more than other coaching programs. While the Law of Attraction concept is a part of many coaching programs these days, Louise’s work has always included this concept.

My message is simple – you have the power to change your life just by changing your thoughts.  You can choose to shine your light. Are you ready to make a decision?

“It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed; every thought we think is creating our future” Louise L Hay

Once you have cast off worry, guilt, resentment – all the negative thought patterns – and forgiven yourself and others, you are lightened up and freed to live a happier life.

Self love and self acceptance are the keys to a truly magical life.

Or … maybe you could be a little bit excited for you and decide to gift yourself the time and space to get clear on what’s going on with you, and check out some ways of changing, and do so with like-minded people.

And have some fun in the process! Yaaay!

So, a few questions –
Are you where you would like to be in your life now?
Job, home, money, love life?
Are you feeling decisive and confident about your future?
Are you in some pain over relationships, or wondering why some things just don’t move on?
Are you quite clear that the way you think is having a dramatic effect on your life?

Of course, we are all on the journey of shifting our negative thought patterns and peeling the onion layers down, but as you learn the tools that work for you and put them into practice, the whole process gets easier, more comfortable and as you see them working – they become habitual. Transformation can be dramatic for some people, but for most of us, it’s the gradual daily changes you make that, over time, enable you to look back and say – “did I really think like that last year? That I couldn’t do/be/have … How strange.”

Contact me for an introductory 15 minute discussion and see if we are a “fit”. Please fill in the form on the right.

One hour coaching session £95

3 one hour coaching sessions £245

Ongoing coaching sessions by agreement.

Fiona Radman

Fiona Radman


“When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives. “

Louise L Hay

As a teacher I am featured on the Heal Your Life website: www.healyourlifeworkshops.com

“I love and accept myself just as I am. Loving myself heals my life.”
Louise L Hay


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