About me

“What does it take to make life work?!” 

My great passion is for Intuition – teaching it, mentoring about it or doing intuitively guided readings for clients. 

In 2008 I first met 6th sensory intuitive teacher, author and global speaker, Sonia Choquette and my core training began; empowering, transformational and fun! Understanding my intuitive powers and living at a sixth sensory level has step changed my life and for sure, taken it in a different direction to the one I anticipated. But all the more sweet for being so as I am now able to help clients change and grow, doing what I love to do.

It was during the 1990’s that I really hit a brick wall. Infertility or “sub fertility” as it’s correctly known is awful! The constant grief, underlying depression and the staggering self doubt, confusion and shock can really knock you sideways.

Finally I decided that there had to be a book out there that would have some answers to my questions. What if my purpose was not to be a mother? What did it take to make life work in another way? Could I find different work that lit me up and gave me a renewed passion for life? Could I really find genuine happiness, or was I destined to live at a sub-optimal level forever?

Walking into a local bookstore I found a couple of books that looked interesting: Louise L Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” and Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations With God Book 1” So began my e ducation in a different way of seeing life and in living.

  For example, “it’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed” in Louise Hay’s book was quite a revolutionary concept to me at the time – to think consciously – and I learnt that each of my thoughts produces a feeling that I buy into. Each time a negative thought came up, I would have to clear it out. To be honest, quite often I found I had nothing to think! It was really strange.

Around two decades after I started reading, absorbing and practising what others were telling me it took to make life work, I am thrilled that the journey continues; each year bringing new learnings, surprising synchronicities, fulfilment, new friendships, greater flow and a deepening appreciation that we are much more in charge of our lives than I had ever realised.

To finish my story, after over a decade we did finally start a family! Lord in heaven above, that was a VERY long way round to getting me to change my point of view …

Hopefully it will be a MUCH shorter journey for the rest of you. If I can help, let me know – your intuition will surely guide you!