Welcome from Fiona Radman, Intuitive

 Your intuition connects you to your true sense of worth, your inner strength and your own wisdom. As you develop your intuitive skills and build its “muscles”, step by step, day by day – an unfolding of your path and purpose is revealed.

Your job, so to speak, is to listen carefully and act on the guidance.

The fantastic part is that by paying attention to intuitive guidance, you are more easily aligned with life, you achieve a sense of flow and grace, and notice the synchronicities that turn up to help bring your desires and goals into reality.

Also, there is a spark – like the possibility of an unexpected surprise, a feeling of fun that begins to pervade your life, an awareness that a deeper intuitive connection is bringing changes, such as – getting more of what you do want, and less of what you don’t!

The surprises can be coincidences, a typical one is someone you just happen to bump into for example, but there’s a great phrase which applies here – frequently the surprises comes in from “left of field” – so much so that you begin to expect good things to come in the back door and hardly ever the front.

Intuitive guidance certainly reduces stress as you come to realise that you actually do have support, you do have inner wisdom to draw on, you do have insight and that it’s more than just that “gut feeling” or “hunch” you’ve relied on in the past and not necessarily followed – not knowing it for what it was, or trusting it.

A changing approach to life starts to happen, where you see your intuition more like having a partnership or even friendship that works in your favour. Your decision-making improves, you get calmer, you notice opportunities more readily, you gain some control over your ego, you bring new creativity into your life.

There really are so many benefits!

I offer 1-2-1 sessions in Intuitive guidance for readings and coaching programmes, also workshops and online courses. It is my passion to help you connect with your true inner guidance!

Fiona is endorsed by Sonia Choquette:

“Fiona Radman is a truly gifted, heart-centred intuitive who loves to inspire and empower people!

Our sixth sense gives us our wings, and teaches us to soar,” is from my book Trust Your Vibes, and I am highly recommending Fiona Radman to enlighten you and teach you to fly!”

Sonia Choquette, international Hay House author, speaker & teacher.