Welcome from Fiona Radman, Intuitive

 Your intuition connects you to your true sense of worth, your inner strength and your own wisdom. As you develop your intuitive skills and build its “muscles”, step by step, day by day – an unfolding of your path and purpose is revealed.

Your job, so to speak, is to listen carefully and act on the guidance.

The fantastic part is that by paying attention to intuitive guidance, you are more easily aligned with life, you achieve a sense of flow and grace, and notice the synchronicities that turn up to help bring your desires and goals into reality.

Also, there is a spark – like the possibility of an unexpected surprise, a feeling of fun that begins to pervade your life, an awareness that a deeper intuitive connection is bringing changes, such as – getting more of what you do want, and less of what you don’t!

The surprises can be coincidences, a typical one is someone you just happen to bump into for example, but there’s a great phrase which applies here – frequently the surprises comes in from “left of field” – so much so that you begin to expect good things to come in the back door and hardly ever the front.

Intuitive guidance certainly reduces stress as you come to realise that you actually do have support, you do have inner wisdom to draw on, you do have insight and that it’s more than just that “gut feeling” or “hunch” you’ve relied on in the past and not necessarily followed – not knowing it for what it was, or trusting it.

A changing approach to life starts to happen, where you see your intuition more like having a partnership or even friendship that works in your favour. Your decision-making improves, you get calmer, you notice opportunities more readily, you gain some control over your ego, you bring new creativity into your life.

So many benefits!

Through 1-2-1 Intuitive clarity readings, intuition workshops, evening classes (London) and online courses it is my passion to help you connect with your true inner guidance.

Please check workshop dates for “The Power of Intuitive You!”and “Connect With Your Inner Guides”. I teach you to access the extraordinary benefits of living intuitively, how to connect with your inner guides and how this empowers you to change your life for the better.

Living an intuitive and guided life means you get more … more of everything you do want, and less of everything you don’t want. What do you want, do you know? More support, more clarity, more expansion, more time, more fun?

Let me point out that when you have some tools and use them and when you do pay attention and really start following your inner guidance you move into getting:

  • Less stressed and more in control
  • Less ego and more heart expansion
  • Less confusion and more clarity
  • Less mental chatter and more peace in your mind
  • Greater success as you recognize more opportunities
  • More fun – synchronicities are not only guiding you, but they can be hilarious!
  • Less of the “pretend” you and more of the authentic you
  • There will be surprises!
  • Nudged in the direction of what you love to do & your purpose
  • More objectivity & deeper insights
  • The joy of simply being in touch with your wonderful spirit
  • Useful images or metaphors come up to guide you
  • All of this helps you to feel HAPPIER & more relaxed

The wonderful thing is, we all have the in-built skill of intuition, but the muscle may simply be rusty or unfit. Flexing this muscle again will start moving you in the best direction. Secondly, we all have access to inner guides, and this way further deeper guidance is available to you.

Understand that guidance takes the form of loving suggestions and is intended only that you should step into the best you, your best life, making great decisions and living a life of joy and fulfilment. That you are still free to choose if you want to follow guidance or not! But how much better life is when you learn to recognize and follow it – that it just makes everything easier – whether you are looking for a parking space, a new job, a new relationship, moving home or whatever you really wish for in life.

Fiona is endorsed by Sonia Choquette

“Fiona Radman, a student of mine for over 7 years, is a truly gifted, heart-centred intuitive who loves to inspire and empower people!

Through her passionate understanding of how to live an intuitive and guided life, she will help shift you into a more successful, delightful, creative and charmed life – one where peace and clarity replace stress and confusion. With her playful but practical spirit, she will help connect you to your own inner power, wisdom and guidance. So you can relax, enjoy her workshops and one-to-one sessions and have skills to take home and start using at once.

“Our sixth sense gives us our wings, and teaches us to soar,” is from my book Trust Your Vibes, and I am highly recommending Fiona Radman to enlighten you and teach you to fly!”

Sonia Choquette, November 2016



SOURCE TV – my first online course: “Be Vibrant! How to reduce stress and improve your health”

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source_tvFiona is a Star at Source TV, a platform designed to help Thought Leaders, Transformational Coaches and Metaphysical Teachers create video-based online ‘knowledge’ products and broadcast via social media to reach a global audience. You can find more about Source TV by following this link, and Fiona’s own page at Source TV can be found here.


FIONA RADMAN introduces “You Can Heal Your Life ” work:

Louise Hay must be truly one of great teachers of our time. Her wonderful book  “You  Can Heal Your Life” has sold in its millions around the world. After training as a Heal Your Life (R) coach, it is a great pleasure to pass on the philosophies that have changed people’s lives globally. For example, mirror work, visualisations and inner child work – affirmations are absolutely vital and really transformational.